About LA Gaming

Legendary Alliance (LA) Gaming is a multi-game organization specializing in community development and esports competition. LA initially formed in 2018 as a place where gamers could join to be around people who shared their shared passion for Clash Royale. Through time, the community expanded into new games, including Brawl Stars and Call of Duty: Mobile, where players ranging from casual to competitive come together and have fun. Since LA Gaming’s inception, we’ve held tight to our motto of being a gaming community by gamers for gamers.


Leader, Co-Founder

One of the last leaders of the Battle Nations Army (BNA), Joelmfrank started the LA with Dommonator as a means for expanding and enriching their community. He is a strategy enthusiast who enjoys evaluating the technical aspect of gaming. He currently resides as the lead content curator for LA.


Co-Founder, Vice Leader

Dommonator cofounded Alliance CR prior to the US release. When player demand called for a second clan, he founded The Alliance 2 and has always tried to find the right clan for the right person. He is a leader at The Alliance clan family, which has merged with and added players from many clans. His motto is, “The player makes the clan, the clan makes the community, and the community is for the player.”