Large community

LA Brawl Stars welcomes players of all skill levels. Our community includes clubs all the way from beginners to top 200 status.

Strategy Guides

At LA, we work with our members to help them reach their full gaming potential.

Club Promotion

Each of our LA family clubs is equally promoted in order to attract the best fitting recruits for their club's standards.


The LA discord server has a frequent flow of visitors looking to for clubs. LA greeters work with all the clubs in our community to place those recruits in the club that best fit's the recruits trophy level and gaming ambitions.

Competitive Events

LA frequently hosts community events with cash prizes.


LA's Alpha Squadron eSports division has developed a highly respected name in the Clash Royale community. We are now venturing to mimic that success by establishing a Brawl Stars Alpha Squadron team with goals of competing at the highest levels.

For information regarding our current clubs, please visit our Brawland partner page.