Join As An Individual

For individuals seeking to improve and/or be part of a highly skilled competitive clan, we have placements for you. Members in our clans range from almost beginner to expert levels. We actively work to find the best fit for prospective members so they are matched with similarly skilled players. All members benefit from our large community, archetype tutorials, coaching, and participation in frequent events (tournaments, scrims, bracket matches).

Align or Merger Your Clan

For clans looking to align or merge with LA, we ask you to meet with our Executive Committee to discuss logistics. We can be reached either through the “CONTACT US” page or by way of our LA discord server. The benefits of clans aligning or merger with LA is that we can manage recruitment on top of the aforementioned benefits listed in the “Join As An Individual” section.

The LA Gaming Clash Royale community currently hosts over 50 clans ranging from players just beginning their CR journey to clans in the top 200 global leaderboards!

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